Cancer Loves Sugar


I know this picture is harsh and I am not going to apologize. I have a family member going through cancer treatment who just had a PET Scan. As a result I did some research. I wish I could say I was shocked about what I learned. I have heard for years about how "sugar feeds cancer," yet because of the addictive nature of this nasty drug, I could not put sugar down.

What I found is proof that cancer cells love sugar and use it as a primary fuel source. Doctors use radio-labeled sugar to identify cancerous tumors, as tumors take up the sugar much faster than normal cells (these are the areas that “light up” on a PET scan). This is what you are looking at in the image below.

If you are not 100% convinced that consuming sweet, sugary foods is a bad idea for anyone with or without cancer, take a look at this. There has never been a better image for me to really drive this point home and make it stick in my mind.

If there was anything better than sugar to help Doctors identify hidden cancer in the body, they would be using it.

Many people reading this will either check out or go into denial, just like I have all these years. I get it. This info comes from an Oncologist, it is not an "opinion." I am not saying I will never eat sugar, I am not perfect, it is not easy. It is everywhere!

It has been a week for me without sugar and I am shocked at the roller coaster I have been on, emotionally and physically. Glad there are others on this journey with me and that I found a solution. Remember, progress, not perfection.

My mantra for today:

As good as it may taste, sugar is NOT my friend. It may “feel” like my friend when it comforts me, but sugar is really my ENEMY.


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