Does the thought of suddenly dropping everything and being impulsive make you nervous?  Is Leaving the house in complete squalor to go play instead out of the question? Sometimes I get so caught up in keeping money for “just in case something breaks” that I literally forget to live. I just exist. Then I realize that friends and family are getting gravely ill or dying.
     I always tell people “if you knew you were going to die next week, would you spend today cleaning and eating rice cakes?” I have to continually remind myself that same question. Stopping to enjoy a laugh with my daughters or best friends will always feel better than loading the dishwasher. I try to stop and completely live in the moment when I’m diving into the ocean or hearing one of my favorite songs from my youth played live. I try to fill my body and soul with the experience, noticing the scent, sounds and feel. When you don’t have an opportunity, consider singing at the top of your lungs all by yourself. Nobody will know you screwed up the words. Dance in the kitchen, your dog won’t think you look ridiculous. Give yourself permission to say “yes” and to say “no”. Be honest. Tomorrow is not promised may sound trite, but as we age, it really resonates. So, I propose to you, grab the brass ring! When your muffin-top and thighs say you need to be on a protein diet, consider that cheesecake has 7 grams of protein a slice and men prefer bigger butts on women anyway. Don’t wait to take sick days when you’re ailing, call out and go to a pool party and concert mid-week instead. Live now, don’t wait until it’s too late.