“Once Upon a Time” – The End of The Road

As women, I think we would ultimately like to have the fairytale ending where we find our prince/princess charming and ride off into the sunset. When I divorced my husband in 2007, it took me a few years to get back on my horse in my quest for romance. When I did, the old adage “you have to kiss a few frogs” certainly applied.  Well… maybe they weren’t exactly frogs, but those experiences weren’t exactly love stories either.

 Dating again can be scary, but it can also be fun. It’s all in the attitude.  Ultimately, you may have a good tale or two in the end. Here is one of mine-

The End of The Road

When you are single, people think it’s open season for match making. They assume if they know 2 single people then by all means pair them like wine and cheese. It Doesn’t matter if they share common interests, are close in age or have compatible personalities. I’m sure there has been successful matchmaking, arranged marriages and mail order brides in history, unfortunately I have not been so lucky.

The epitome of my struggle came while attending a funeral for my friend’s father. We were at the graveside service and I noticed her cousin looking forlorn and weeping. I politely went over and hugged her while offering my condolences. She was quite emotional, but still spoke to me in between sobs. As the tears flowed she asked me “do you see that guy over there?” I did and thought he looked very much like Colonel Sanders but decided to keep that to myself. She continued in tears to tell me that he is her brother, 58 years old, single and just moved nearby. By now she was speaking with clarity and gaining strength. I knew I had to escape from awkward moment 734 in my life, so I excused myself. My mind was telling me “Really?? Is this what my life has been reduced to? People are now trying to fix me up at funerals?” On the bright side though, it sounds like black is my color!