My Journey To Self-love Through Better Health And Better Thoughts


For me, my journey to true self-love and happiness began late in life and not until I was nearly 52.  After the loss of both my parents, I had a “wake-up” call about my own health and the quality of my own experiences here on Earth School.  There are 3 main things that I did that changed everything for me so that now I truly am living my Best Life and with total fulfillment and self-love: 

1). Get some help, 2). Get some health, and 3). Get some education.

1.    Get some help:  Get professional help to understand where you are at now.  The first thing I did was see my doctor for a full panel of bloodwork and what I found was that I was significantly lacking in a lot of key vitamins and nutrients.  Also, my doctor said that my thoughts were not serving me for better health either.  To improve my thoughts, she gave me a great exercise to do throughout my day which was so simple, but so impactful.  She said to notice something specific in my environment that spoke to me and for me to focus on it… really focus on what about it made me feel happy.  It could be a bright yellow flower on the side of the road, it could be a red-breasted bird on my backyard fence, but the gist of this exercise was to find something of beauty and joy in any situation of my day and then to learn how to really “feel” that beauty and “feel” joy in life.  This is what first started my change and my “awakening” … and I still do this exercise today.

2.    Get some health:  After finding I was severely lacking in nutrients and 15 lbs. overweight, I got educated about what creates good health; I learned that everything we put IN our mouths and ON our bodies will either ADD health or take AWAY health; both physically AND emotionally.  So many of the foods we grew up within the Standard American Diet were literally making me fat, sick and sad!  I learned foods we eat are either acid or alkaline to the body.  And that foods we eat are either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory to the body.  AND here’s the biggie… disease cannot exist in an alkaline state… illness and disease can only exist in an acidic and inflammatory environment!  Yikes! The Standard American Diet is highly acidic and highly inflammatory!  (It is no wonder we have a major health epidemic of obesity, mental illness, and disease in our society.) So, the key to better health is really quite simple… eat a better diet!  Eat whole foods and avoid processed foods.  Buy organic and non-GMO whenever possible.  For optimal health, avoid dairy, soy, and gluten completely and if you must eat sugar, caffeine, and alcohol do so in moderation and definitely do a detox periodically to rid yourself of over toxicity and to keep your body organs healthy.

To get some health, I also learned that what I put ON my body is just as important as what I put IN my body; “everything we put on our bodies is absorbed into our bloodstream and reaches every organ of our bodies within 26 seconds”. I learned that the United States has the most toxic personal hygiene products in the world!  That includes our deodorants, our shampoos, our body lotions, our skincare, our soaps and our body cleansers, our moisturizers, our lipsticks and our make-up… believe it or not, products sold in the United States can legally use inexpensive fillers and preservatives that are toxic! Here’s a scary fact, European countries currently have banned 1,300 ingredients as toxic and unsafe for use in personal hygiene products, but in the United States, there are only 10 banned ingredients. Yes, 10. That is not a typo.  So HUGE health lesson here, for everything we put IN our bodies AND everything we put ON our bodies... we MUST READ INGREDIENTS! The list to avoid is extensive, but some major toxins to be certain to avoid are:  Mineral oil, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), synthetic dyes, talc, triclosan TEA, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, DEA, and always look for vegan with no animal products or animal-by-products.

3.    Get some education: The last key component of my growth in finding joy and self-love was knowledge and education. As my health got better, I began to be much more aware of what was going on around me in my environment.  I began to notice “coincidences”.  I learned that a coincidence is a sign of synchronicity in your Universe; it is confirmation that your energy is aligning with your true self. It is a very good thing!  My doctor told me to always “notice the guiding synchronicity… that it is in the noticing that the occurring happens”. In other words, the more I notice it, the more it will occur… and the more it occurs means the more I finding my true self and on my path to happiness, fulfillment and self-love.

Feeling good is a true test of knowing if you are on the right frequency for growth; if you are feeling good, you are.  If you are feeling bad, then you are not and you need to go back to 1.) and focus on something that gives you joy and brings your energy back to feeling good.  Pay attention to what lights you up and what does not. Pay attention to how you feel in certain environments and around certain people; after these situations and people, do you feel better with more light, or do you feel tired and dark?  Begin to respect these feelings and be around, do, and think about what feels good.  Avoid what does not.  In paying attention and keeping herself in good energy, the Universe will continue to put people, places and resources in your path that will lead you to a life of total fulfillment and a life of self-love.  It happened for me, so I know it can happen for you too.

Never stop reaching, never stop growing.

There is so much more information and educational material which could not be included in this overview, I welcome your connection if you are interested in learning more about my dietary changes and my personal hygiene products, and/or more about the different resources that helped me find my path of personal growth and my life-changing awakenings.


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